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About U.S. Utility Patent Applications

Application overview:

  • Utility patents protect inventions - industrial processes, consumer products, computer hardware & software, machines, materials, methods of doing business, and more.

  • To be patentable, the subject matter must be both new and nonobvious in comparison to what is known.

  • A patent application includes a detailed description of the subject matter, including preferred embodiments, best mode of practicing, and claims.

  • The application's disclosures must be sufficient to support the claims.

  • The claims, but not the subject matter description, can be (and normally are) amended during the examination stage.

  • The application preparation incorporates the support and fall-back positions for claim amendments and attorney arguments.

  • All patent applications (unless provisional) undergo a rigorous examination by a USPTO patent examiner.

  • This examination includes a search and initial determination on whether the subject matter, as defined in the claims, meets the new and nonobvious patentability standards.  more ...

  • Examiner's initial rejections of claims are embodied in an Office Action ("Action").

  • The response to claim rejections is typically a combination of claim amendments and arguments on the law as applied to the case's specific facts.

  • Actions also include any other objections - typically routine and/or minor if application was professionally prepared.

  • If the application succeeds at the examination stage, it passes to issuance.  see outline ...

  • No one can guarantee that a meaningful patent will ever issue.

  • The odds of obtaining meaning patent protection are only as high as the skill and experience of the attorney you select.

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