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No Patent Protection for Business Strategies

There typically is no patent protection potential for business-strategy ideas such as X company buying a Y company, or Z company running a W ad campaign.


  • Patents protect useful inventions (including business methods) that are new and non-obvious in comparison to what is already known.

  • A company buying another company is a known process because it has been done before, and the selection of a specific company buying a specific type of company is typically considered a matter of choice which adds no patentable weight to a known process.

  • A company running an ad campaign is a known process because it has been done before, and the selection of a specific company running a certain type of ad campaign is typically considered a matter of choice which adds no patentable weight to a known process.

  • A specific ad campaign itself, however, might itself be patentable if it is both new and non-obvious given the known ad campaigns Ė and the non-obvious standard will be a challenge to meet here.

Or donít try to run someone elseís company?  Maybe, maybe not:

  • Business brokers routinely push ideas (reasons) for buying and selling businesses to businesses.

  • Business consultants routinely create business-strategy ideas, including buying and selling businesses.

  • Advertising companies routinely create proposals for types of ad campaigns.

  • Each earns their fees at least partly in selling their ideas.

What if you are none of these but think you have a block-buster idea?

  • Difficult, at best.

  • Many, if not most, companies refuse to accept outsider ideas except under non-confidentiality agreements - no money without patent protection.

  • Company without such protective policies are risking costly litigation.


  • A career in business brokering, consulting or advertising?

  • A business of your own?

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