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Firm's Statement of Confidentiality

  1. Confidentiality is of paramount importance in IP law.
  2. Confidentiality is maintained throughout a representation and thereafter.
  3. No confidential information is ever disclosed beyond the representation except when authorized in writing by a client.
  4. The identities of clients and initial inquiries find their way to no list whatsoever.
  5. The firm's reputation and my license to practice law depend on this commitment.
  6. This confidentiality statement and its commitment extends to all matters handled by the Firm, within or outside of this website.

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Confidential information must not be submitted with an initial inquiry.

  1. For your protection and mine, confidential information must not be submitted with an initial inquiry.
  2. Any material that appears to be confidential and is received with an initial inquiry must and will be returned to the submitter or destroyed, depending on the circumstances and practicalities.
  3. If your initial inquiry cannot be expressed without revealing confidential information, a private consultation is probably required.

Confidential information should not be submitted by email on a third-party access computer.

  1. The legal field now generally considers communications by email are confidential.
  2. Major exception - if a third-party access computer, or email account available on such a computer, is used.
  3. Third-party access computers/accounts emails include (but are not limited to) emails which an employer, by contract or office policy, have a right to read.
  4. That right alone can destroy confidentiality and the greater protection of the attorney-client privilege even if the right has not been exercised.

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