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Corporate Patent Searches and Opinions

A corporate-level patent (novelty) search provides a professional-level search and patentability opinion.  The firm's searches and opinions are quality-driven with sensitivity to costs. 
(re-direct for entry-level)

Corporate-level patent searches and opinions are provided on an hourly-rate basis ($240 per hour plus any out-of-pocket costs).  Minimum of $1,000.  Retainer required.

Written cost estimates are provided at the earliest practical point.  The estimates provided are serious and comprehensive.  Clients are alerted of any issues that could throw off the target costs when detected.

Preliminary cost estimates (prior to retention, prior to full disclosure) are available upon request, and are based upon search subject as then understood.

Costs depend on:

  • subject matter complexity

  • number of features being searched, alone or in combination

  • prior art accessibility

  • prior art magnitude

A new patent search typically starts with an inquiry by telephone or email.  Before receiving any sensitive information, the subject matter must be screened to exclude conflicts with matters being handled or handled in the past.

Working towards a client's target is the firm's goal at every step of the patent application process. 

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