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Do-It-Yourself Patent (Novelty) Check

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) maintains no-cost (free), searchable, on-line patent databases.

on the www.uspto.gov home page, click on "Patents" and then click on "Search"

If you find it, you have saved the cost of a professional search.  If you have not found it, a professional search is strongly recommended.

Available USPTO search modes:

  • "quick"

  • "advanced"

  • "patent number"

Available USPTO databases:

  • issued patents, searchable text since 1976

  • issued patents, printed images since 1790

  • published patent applications, published since 03/15/2001


  • print out full image copies of items related to search subject

  • (recollections of whatever is of marginal value)

  • if located, professional search costs are saved

  • if not located, order professional search and opinion 

click on "Search" under "Patents" heading on home page at www.uspto.gov

Full image viewing/printing requires special TIFF reader available for download at the USPTO website.  Requires turning-off the TIFF image reader that is pre-set on most computers.

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