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Idea Theft – Can be a Tough Road


Someone stole your idea, and you want payment for it, or credit for it, or both.  This can be a tough road.  (about avoiding idea theft)


Type 1 - looking for the link:

  • It was your idea, and now its out there.

  • Therefore there must be a link between your idea and them.

  • You told X who might know Y who might have worked at Z company …

  • Or you wrote to A.A. and the letter was lost in the mail, or misplaced …


Type 1 - solutions:

  • Someone had the same idea later (it happens), and if you did not protect the idea (for instance by filing a patent application) there is no recourse.

  • Someone had the same idea earlier (if its out there within a few months of your brain-storm, earlier is likely because “out there” takes lots of time), there is obviously no recourse – you are second.

  • Either of the above, and the idea is old (for instance findable in the patent literature), there is of course no recourse – and a professional patent search can confirm it was not new to begin with (it happens, a lot).

  • Someone did steal it from you – but since the other options are viable (at times more viable), and the third can be checked with a patent search, start with a patent search.


Type 2 – link is clear because you told them:

  • You gave the idea to the company’s marketing manager over the telephone.

  • You demonstrated a prototype to the company’s sales manager.

  • You mailed a sample to the company’s division Vice President.


Type 2 – solutions:

  • If you have a patent, and they are actually infringing one or more claims of the patent, you have recourse via a patent infringement lawsuit (and contingency-based actions are possible).

  • If the idea was artistic or literary, and the idea was not merely in your head but had been affixed in a tangible medium (painted, sculpted, written), and preferably also a copyright registration, you have recourse via a copyright infringement lawsuit (and contingency-based actions are possible).

  • If you have no patent, or no tangible-medium affixation, or no copyright registration, some (not all) jurisdictions might entertain alternative lawsuits, for instance an implied contract lawsuit, but this can be a difficult matter – there typically are who said what, when and to whom issues, and issues regarding whether it was sufficiently new to justify any recovery, or merely a generic (old hat) idea to begin with.


Without in-hand patent or copyright protection, either type should start with a good search to objectively determine the novelty of the idea before investing any further time or effort.

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