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Firm's Standard Retention Terms

To clarify obligations and confirm expectations.

All firm retentions are subject to the following standard terms, and any variation thereon must be accepted by the firm by written, specific agreement.  Circumstances may require additional and/or more specific terms, on written pre-retention notice.

Standard Core Retention Terms
The Law Office of Joan I. Norek

Client Cooperation and Veracity Conditions:  This representation is accepted by the firm on the expectation of, and under the condition that, your full cooperation and truthfulness will be provided at all stages of representation.  Any failure to cooperate with the firm and to provide truthful information at minimum hampers the firm's ability to act on your behalf in the course of this representation.

Change of Contact Information:  The firm will promptly notify you of any change in the firm's contact information, including telephone number and address.  It is your obligation to notify the firm of any change in your contact information, including telephone number and address.  The firm is under no obligation to expend time or other resources in an effort to locate you if your contact information has changed without notice to the firm.  Should the firm nonetheless undertake any effort to locate you after your contact information has changed without notice to the firm, reimbursement to the firm for all time and costs reasonably so expended is required.

Termination of the Representation:  You may terminate this representation at any time upon notice.  Written notice is requested.  In the absence of written notice, the firm's providing written confirmation of the termination will be a service reasonably provided in concluding the representation.  The firm may, at its discretion, terminate this representation upon client's failure to satisfy his or her obligations of cooperation and/or veracity and/or payment, and as permitted under the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct (and in USPTO representations Part 10 of 37 C.F.R.).  Termination of this representation does not, however, dismiss your obligation to pay for services and costs which are incurred prior to the termination, nor those reasonably provided and incurred in concluding the representation.

Billing Structure:  All matters require advance payment of fees prior to commencement of the assignment, or assignment stage.  No costs are ever advanced on a client’s behalf; prepayment by client is always required; no exceptions.  Flat-rate - Matters handled on a flat-rate fee plus costs schedule are described (scope/costs) on the firm's website at www.noreklaw.com (link to relevant page is ________).  Hourly-rate - For matters outside of a published schedule, please note that my current billing rate is $240 per hour for all time expended.  Clients are advised in writing of any rate increase at least 30 days before the new rate is applied to services being provided.

Miscellaneous Costs Miscellaneous costs, such as in-house copies, faxes, postage, and the like are invoiced at the firm's cost.  The firm's current cost for in-house copies and fax transmissions are $.25 per page and $2.00 respectively.  Waiver of miscellaneous costs on any occasion during the representation is discretionary and does not constitute a waiver of miscellaneous costs for the entirety of the representation.

Retentions are subject to the firm's discretion.

The Law Office of Joan I. Norek
25 E. Washington St., Suite 1400
Chicago, Illinois 60602
312.419-8055  fax 312.236-6686

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The Law Office of Joan I. Norek
25 E. Washington Street, Suite 1400
Chicago, Illinois  60602
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