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Trademark Infringement

Infringement opinion overview:

To infringe, the third-party's mark must be confusingly similar to the claimant's mark, and a confusing similarity analysis includes, without limitation:

  • A comparison of the similarities between the marks not only as to how they look and sound, but also as to what they mean.

  • An assessment of the similar and dissimilar elements.  Are these elements distinctive?  Are these elements commonplace?

  • A comparison of the products and/or services sold under the marks.  Are they the same?  Are they related?  Would a consumer presume they would be sold by the same business?

  • An assessment of the strength of claimant's mark.  Is it arbitrary, suggestive, descriptive or generic?  If descriptive, has it attained secondary meaning, and if so, when?  Is it in a crowded field of similar marks?  How long has it been used?  Is it well known?

  • A determination of whether or not there has been actual consumer confusion, and that in turn is weighted against the length of time and extent of concomitant use.

  • A determination regarding the sophistication of the consumer population vis-ŗ-vis the products or services on which the marks are used.

  • A comparison of the trade channels in which the underlying products or services are sold.

Infringement analysis is always an analysis of whether or not the marks are confusingly similar.

  • Identical marks are not necessarily confusingly similar.

  • Non-identical marks can be confusingly similar.

Is a trademark infringement opinion worth the costs?  This is always a business decision, but a wrong decision can be costly.

other topics - trademark weight, naming and branding, oppositions, trademark searches, trademark registrations, domain names, slogans, patent myths, copyright myths

Trademark Infringement Opinions -- expensive, time-consuming, sometimes necessary.

Initial consultations start at $240.
The firmís charges for trademark infringement opinions start at $2,400.
Further cost estimates available after initial evaluation. 
Retainer required.

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