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Why Patent an Innovation

Several whys:

  • to secure an exclusive market

  • to license the innovation

  • to find capital and/or partners

  • details below

Questions to ask yourself:

  • why did you bother innovating?

  • do you want to profit from it?

  • does the innovation have value?

  • does it have a potential spot in the market?

An innovation with value and a potential spot on the mark is a profit candidate, but candidate only, not a certain contender.

Established businesses - can upgrade their current lines with exclusive products and/or services, and facilitate finding the working capital, if the innovation has patent protection.

Other than established businesses – it isn’t easy, particularly without product development experience, without available trade lines and often without a good handle on value and market-potential realities.

Patent thresholds – must be new and nonobvious given what is known (known includes far more than what you see out there) and then must be aptly patented.

Finding capital and/or partners is near impossible without the means to protect your market, and that the means is decent patent protection.

other topics - corporate patent applications, entry-level patent applications, patent-application ready, patent application examination, provisional vs non-provisional

more topics - patent it or not, patent or trade secret it, FAQS, patent term, public domain vs patents

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